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Opponents continue pressure versus turbine plans

April 12, 2011
CHARLTON — At a public hearing Wednesday, April 6, local residents raised the same objections to Bay Path's plan to erect a wind turbine as they had to Overlook's plan a couple weeks ago, again citing concerns about infrasound, audible sound, flicker and property values.

But the Planning Board again noted they have a limited amount of authority under state law, being able to nix it only if the site is unsafely designed, audible sound is too high or the flicker effect excessive. Those limits, however, didn't sit well with some folks.

Expressing worries over the fact the state doesn't require "frequency analysis," particularly of sounds below the audible level (infrasound), one man claimed to have read about "detrimental medical and physical effects."

"We can't ignore this just because the law [limits the board]," he said. "We can't ignore that as responsible people for our community."

A little later he advocated denying the project, saying, "let them sue us."

For more on this story, please see tomorrow's Southbridge Evening News.

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